Chloe chalks up an NHS tribute
One of the memories of the Coronavirus pandemic will be the way people showed their appreciation of NHS staff, care workers and others who put themselves at risk to look after the rest of us. Musicians sang and played, live or online, children used their time off school to draw rainbows and every Thursday millions of people left the TV to go out into the street and applaud. In Blackham, Chloe Harding decided she wanted to say thank you too. And she wasn’t going to do it in a small way. Appreciation She turned the wall of her home at Hobbs Hill into an enormous canvas on which she would express her appreciation. She said: “My Step-Mum, Alex, suggested writing NHS on the front of the house in big letters as the house faces the road and public
footpath so when people go past they’ll see it. “Obviously rainbows are what people are putting to show their support for the NHS so I thought, why not colour the entire front of
our house in... so I did!” Chloe used different coloured chalks to colour individual bricks, saying, “blending in the chalk makes it look smoother. “It took three days in total, I had to
stop a day between as my fingers were bleeding from blending the chalk in so much.” Chloe was always interested in art at school and has done some drawings and painting since but nothing on this scale. Smile Her efforts soon began to attract the attention. “I had many people passing by on their walks and seeing the progress unfold. “I had cyclists wave, walkers clap and comment, saying how amazing it’s beginning to look. I had cars driving past honking their horns. It was lovely to put smile on their faces.” The finished artwork is stunning and has put Blackham on the map attracting the attention of a BBC local news team. “I’m glad people like it,” she said, “and I hope it brings a smile to all those front-line staff to whom we owe so much and will never be able to thank enough.”
Chloe has lived in Blackham from birth, growing up with her mum, Sarah, and sister Jasmine, a fifth generation of Hardings in the village. “I grew up with Aymie and Keri, who are similar ages to ourselves and still live in the village. As children, we loved riding our bikes down to Willetts Farm to get ice creams and then race back before it melted. It’s honestly the best place to grow up as a child.” After a few years away from the village, Chloe moved back to live with her dad, John, and step mother, Alex, and two younger siblings, Harry and Esmae. “Blackham will always be my home because of the amazing childhood I had growing up here. My Uncle Steven lives in the village as does my Auntie Emma with her family. We’re luck to all live so close together in such a lovely village. “It’s lovely living here, the countryside is gorgeous and everyone in the village is so friendly.”
Chloe (right) with her siblings L-R: Jasmine, Harry and Esmae “All with smiles on our faces to keep a positive vibe”
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