Blackham Village Hall
The Village Hall has been at the centre of local activities since it was built in the mid 1920s. As we can see from the photo on the left, it was decked out in style for the Silver Jubilee of 1935. Twenty years later it was where the Rev Peter Scott turned the switch to signal the end of oil lamps and candles and the arrival of mains electricity in Blackham, an occasion Seeboard marked with a display of all the goods the villagers could now enjoy (below). Many older villagers will remember learning country dancing, square dancing (including with a caller) and old time dancing there. Down the years countless dances, socials, whist and beetle drives, concerts and plays, flower shows and every kind of meeting have been held in the hall. It has also acted as a doctor’s surgery. And the Village Hall remains a key part of the community today with the monthly market attracting people from all around to meet and chat over a coffee and to buy fresh local produce (Below left). The links will tell you more of the story.
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