We remember Blackham
The picture links below will take you to people’s memories of their time in Blackham. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch
Summers at Carriers Frank Wiltshire, now living in Melbourne, recalls spending school holidays with Freddie Brown and his family at Carriers Service Station
Ali Gaskell Ali shared her thoughts about life for a 15 year old in Blackham at the start of the new millennium.
Margaret Wickens Margaret Wickens’ daughter, Miriam Boobier, shares some family memories, including hitching a lift to church in the horse and trap of the Rev Layng.
Jack Coomber Chapters from Jack’s memoir about his life in Blackham as a boy and later working for Freddie Baines at Stephnetts Farm.
Memories of Summerford Sheila Wellstead recalls when her mother and father lived and worked at Summerford in the 1950s
How did you watch TV? A look at some of the ways villagers entertained themselves before the arrival of electricity and television.
The winter of 1962-3 Pam Campbell Webster, nee Moth, recalls heavy snow in the village
Blackham School Sue Roe recalls her days living at Pitfields and going to Blackham School
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