Women’s Institute in Blackham
We are trying to identify the women - and one man! - who featured in this photo of Blackham Women’s Institute probably taken in the 1950s. And what was the occasion? Below there is a numbered version with the names we have so far. Can you identify any of the missing names or correct any we have wrong? If so, please email richard.coomber@virginmediacom
The names so far (those marked * we are less sure of) 1 Serita Ashby 21 Dorothy Coomber 2 Lydia Crowhurst 22 Helen Farnes 7 Mrs Haig 23 Mrs Allen 9 Vi Nicholls* 24 Mrs Hayler* 11 May Crowhurst 25 Jess Osman 12 Mrs Mills 30 Elizabeth Farnes 13 Mrs King 34 Mrs Shepherd 15 Mrs Towner * 37 ‘Aunty’ lived with Mrs Mills 16 Mrs Goddard 40 Iris Kemp 18 Beatie Divall 41 Winifred Marshall 19 Mrs Collins
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