Blackham in the news
These links will take you to stories about Blackham that appeared in newspapers - mainly the Kent & Sussex Courier. In some cases they will be as they appeared, in others I have re-written them. Where it is word for word from the paper, I have at times corrected obious mistakes and also changed the layout and added more paragraphs for ease of reading while maintaining the original sense. Click on the picture to read the story
19 March 1875 Labouring classes lectured about gases and sanitary reform
17 May 1875 Blackham’s ‘march of progress’ - but who deserves the credit?
7 January 1898 Earl de la Warr invites 500 children to New Year party
18 October 1901 Standing room only for last Harvest Festival at All Saints’
23 January 1925 Isolated Blackham in urgent need of a telephone office
1923 The Women’s Institute comes to Blackham
3 March 1939 Blackham misses out on much- needed sewerage scheme
14 July 1939 Backfire causes major fire at Gonore
13 August 1943 Kangaroo spotted in Blackham lanes
25 May 1945 The contribution made by Blackham to the Second World War
May-December 1945 A look at how Blackham celebrated victory in WWII
9 July 1943 Country dancing is good for the dancers and the war effort
26 November 1943 Driver walks away from over- turned lorry
1946 Plans to build Teasley Mead
May 1895 German musicians jailed for assault at the Sussex Oak
1955 Wickham diamond wedding anniversary