Sally Harding, who grew up in Blackham, received from a cousin a copy of this report from the Kent & Sussex Courier from April 1955 about her great grandparents, Bill and Georgina Wickham, who were well-known and much loved in the village. Mr and Mrs Wickham lived in one of the cottages next to the village hall. While the cake cutting picture is from the article, we’ve also included a photo of Bill at the brickyard, and the couple with their children. On April 10, 1895, there were 32 weddings at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Southwark. And the first couple to be married were Nutley-born Mr William Wickham and his bride – a London girl. On Sunday Mr and Mrs Wickham, who have lived at Blackham for the past 55 years, celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. On Monday they held a family party at the Village Hall. The hall was crowded. For Mr and Mrs Wickham have four sons, three daughters, 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. In his youth 84-year-pld Mr Wickham worked on the Sheffield Park estate where touring Australian cricket teams were the guests of Lord Sheffield. Once Mr Wickham watched the great W G Grace and the almost equally famous Ranjitsinghi play against an Australian XI at Sheffield Park. Later Mr Wickham moved to Blackham, where he was employed as a brick and title maker. When the brickyard closed down, many years ago, he became a gardener. But although he retired at the age of 70, he still tends his own garden. Mrs Wickham, a few years younger than her husband, is also active. She is a member of Blackham Mothers’ Union – and she still enjoys an occasional old-time dance. Mr and Mrs Wickham were guest of honour at a party given by the Mothers’ Union on Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs Wickham with their children: Back L-R: John, Willie, Jesse, Bert Centre: Dorothy (Dolly), Sarah, Gladys
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