People and families
This page will provide links to people and families who have played a part in making Blackham what it is today. Where there is more than one story or family for a surname, there will be a drop-down menu to help you navigate. We are aware some important families are missing so please help us fill in the gaps
Farmers in Blackham for many years
Have you got a family connection with Blackham? Please get in touch and let us tell their story here
Two Baldwins born in Blackham
George Bashford, wounded in WW1
Freddie Brown owned the garage at Carriers
Frank Childs killed in WW1
Father and two sons who fought in WW1
Family first came to Blackham in 1890s
Crowhurst family farmed in Blackham nearly 300 years
James Daughtrey lived at Watch Oak and fought in WW1
Frederick Divall, KIA with tragic consequences
Three generations of the Farnes family lived in Blackham
Three generations of the Floyd family in Blackham
William Ford, entrepreneurial son of Blackham wheelwright
Four brothers in the First World War
Memories of growing up in Blackham
James Gill, winner of DCM
Pioneer who gave his life for his country
Moved to Blackham from Nicaragua
VAD who survived pneumonia
Wave Hoadley and her daughters came to the Sussex Oak in 1920s
Frank and Iris were often at the centre of village life
Transported to Tasmania for stealing straw
Family who converted Presbyterian Church into their home
Memories of living at Pitfields
Patrolling icy seas
Lived at Pilbeams, fought at Ypres
Organist at Blackham Church for 60 years
Several Miles made an impact on the village
Billy was captain of Blackham FC
At the heart of Blackham concerts
Came from South Africa to settle in Blackham
One of the earliest families at Willetts Farm
Possibly Blackham’s first centenarian
Returned from Australia to die in WW1
Story that stretches from Stephnetts to New Zealand
Vicar who built Blackham’s first church
A victim of Passchendale
Landlord at Sussex Oak whose two daughters married local lads
Vicar at Blackham in the 1950s
Cheerful postman and WW11 casualty
KIA in France during WW1
Vicar at the time All Saints’ was built
Frederick and two sons fought in WW1
Memories of life at Summerford
Stories of a childhood at Beech Green
A family always actively involved in village life
Killed in WW1, no known grave
Wounded in battle for La Bassee Canal
Brothers who fought in WW1
Emigrated to Canada but returned to fight
Fought in the trenches in WW1
Fought in some of WW1’s bloodiest battles
Called up twice to fight in WW1
Three generations at the Post Office